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24397Re: I Heard The Spring Bird Singing

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  • cott.doris
    Feb 27, 2010
      Dear Sharani,

      Thank you for your very kind words. I will always remember your lovely bike-path stories and I am looking forward to read or watch spring "news". Here the weather is just fantastic though often changing! Today I bought the first pansies and primroses from the colorful marketÂ…!

      For the second time I am trying the google translator for this post, what I had resisted previously. One must be pretty careful that it does not distort the meaning of a text, so I corrected the translation as carefully as I could. Now, the words sound to me a little strange, but this is probably due to my simple way of writing in German (...not poetic at all!)

      It was not my intention that anyone should translate my blog entries, it was only about the photos, but I appreciate that you took the trouble of trying and, yes, you guessed correctly.

      Oh, deer! I suppose we see them in autumn more often because the leaves fall from the trees and the branches become barren. It seems to be innate for deer to hide. The fawns are hiding already shortly after their birth. Even their own mother has difficulty to find them sometimes.

      Not only we but they too have to adjust to changing environmental conditions. I was surprised when I saw two deer last weekend in the middle of an open field, next to the highway, grazing peacefully. And I was pleasantly surprised to see a bridge that was especially built for animals to secure their crossing.

      "My deer" I have already become familiar to, but I have not seen them for some time. They seem to be mother and child. Graciously the mother allowed me to take two pictures but the quality is not good.

      I read that deer are able to distinguish between different minerals in different foods at different seasons. After the mother taught her fawn the right food to choose, she goes out of sight to graze, to avoid confusion.

      I will never forget the beautiful image of the deer I unexpectedly saw while walking around a bent one morning in the forest. There is no photograph of that moment of enchantment. I immediately stopped walking and stood there silently to enjoy the scene as long as possible.

      Slowly, mother and child, emerged from the bushes along the narrow path, apparently enjoying the sunrays. Silently they stood there in an ocean of red and golden shimmering leaves, but the mother deer saw me and quickly they disappeared in the thicket while the sun-streaks broke through the branches playing with the morning mist. What remained at the end of the pathway was a sunlit mist fan that gave one the illusion of a light-flooded gate I would have loved to walk through. I really didn't know for a moment whether I was dreaming or awake.



      * * *

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