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24395Re: First World Harmony Run 2010 in Puerto Rico!

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  • sharani_sharani
    Feb 25, 2010
      Dear Suchana,
      The botanical garden is quite lovely and the feeling around the statue is very, very peaceful. I had the opportunity to return to the statue 2 days after the ceremony dedication and saw the statue again - by then installed on a platform just constructed the prior day.

      It is nothing less than extraordinary to consider how unique and special each and every statue is that I have visited. My sentiments change as I ponder each one and tend to feel that the one I have just experienced recently is the best. :-)

      Meditating at the Puerto Rico statue with only a few others present and the garden itself actually closed to the public offered a true inner thrill. I can only hope that many people eventually share the opportunity to visit a statue of Sri Chinmoy somewhere in the world if they have not already done so. I can honestly declare that I saw the eyes of the statue move, it was so alive with Sri Chinmoy's consciousness.

      I must confess, however, if I must say it aloud - I left my heart in Mazatlan. The statue of Sri Chinmoy holding the Peace Torch and the warm-hearted, friendly and inspiring members of the Mazatlan Sri Chinmoy Centre still resonate inside me with a current of sweet memories. One of Guru's songs about Mazatlan mentions angels and I cannot recall any other song composed about a geographic location that has angels in its meaning. Does this provide a clue to its special appeal??

      Then again, the meditation facing the statue in Puerto Rico left me feeling that I was standing right inside Guru's heart. It was so, so powerful.

      So I guess the moral of the story is that the world is richly blessed to receive these expressions of the legacy of Sri Chinmoy's lifetime of service to the world around him, made tangible in the form of a life-size statue.

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