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24360------ in an unconscious way (fill in the blank)

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  • beverly_canada
    Feb 5, 2010
      Looking for a recipe I encountered the sentence,

      "Eating in a hurried or unconscious way"…"is like receiving a love letter from the Earth and not taking the time to carefully read it".

      from "May all be Fed Diet for a new World" John Robbins

      It struck me. Thoughtful Sri Chinmoy Inspiration readers - what words might you replace the word "eating" with? I right away thought of "walking". It is so easy to be preoccupied.

      Coming home with groceries one day, I had a flat bicycle tire. It slowed me down to a walk. I was grateful. It felt so long since I had simply walked and appreciated clouds, buds on bushes, muddy water puddles – the Earth's love letters -

      And ours?

      God is ready to read
      Your love letter every day
      Your love letter embodies
      -Sri Chinmoy

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