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24357Re: 23rd Anniversary of 7,063 ¾ lbs. Lift

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  • suchana27
    Feb 4, 2010
      Dear Linda,

      You know that it was called ¨The One-Arm Miracle Lift¨ as it is read on the beautiful triptic big card I received 22 years ago for the 1st Anniversary Celebration.

      It is not easy to place this card with a frame so I always keep it on the shelf with some of Guru´s photos and books. When you try to fold the card you can see like a cottage with two white and black photos of Guru lifting this unbelievable weight of metal.

      At that time it was my feeling that, after this miracle, he had changed for the better the course of mankind; that once again he had put into practice his poetry-vision -¨In God´s dictionary the word ´impossibility´ does not exist.¨(unofficial)

      One of the side folds has ¨A Soulful Prayer-Offering¨ offered by Guru prior to this lifting:

      ¨God the Compassion,
      Man the gratitude.

      Man the height,
      God the Delight.

      Man the perfection-dream,
      God the Satisfaction-Reality.¨

      The floor of this card-cottage has some extra information:

      Date: 30 January 1987 Time: 1:25 a.m.
      Weight: 162 1/4 pounds Training: 19 months

      Lift equals: over 43 1/2 times body weight
      Succeeded in: first training session
      Total number of attempts: 5 (in 47 minutes)
      Successful attempts: 3rd, 45th, 5th (in 25 minutes)

      When you close all the folds of this card-cottage, the big title reads -¨A 20th Century God-Compassion-Miracle¨ on countless ´Gratitude´ words.

      Thank you so much to Arpan for his account.

      In celebration,
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