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2435123rd Anniversary of 7,063 ¾ lbs. Lift

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  • arpan_deangelo
    Jan 30, 2010
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      "Seven Thousand Pounds,
      I have reached my goal! My poor body smiles through my rich soul. God in Heaven, God on earth asks me one thing:
      Oneness-fulness song, am I ready to sing?

      This is the song we sang tonight at the function celebrating the one-arm miracle lift of Sri Chinmoy. Early in the morning on January 30, 1987, in front of about a dozen amazed spectators at his home, Sri Chinmoy was able to slightly lift an unbelievable apparatus overhead consisting of 100 pound iron plates, the equivalent of almost 71 of them, with his right arm.

      After meditating for a while on the iron plates and in a prayerful and soulful yet powerful consciousness, Sri Chinmoy, at the age of 55 and a half, was able to move this huge specially built apparatus off of its supporting harness overhead. Afterwards he invited his disciples who could come to New York that day to walk past the apparatus in a soulful meditation in which he was present. He then blessingfully and humbly offered to us Prasad, or sanctified food, as we walked out of that most spiritually charged room.

      Last night's function dedicated to this achievement also included some plays about Sri Chinmoy's weightlifting from his own narrated stories. We also watched a few videos including Sri Chinmoy lifting the World's Smallest Horse, Thumbellina, in 2006.

      Another video included the lifting of the World's Strongest Man of 2002, Hugo Girard, along with six-time Mr. Universe Bill Pearl, to whom Guru gave the spiritual name, 'Mahasamrat'.
      We were blessed to hear one of his many comments on Sri Chinmoy's weightlifting which he personally supported and loved so much. Bill Pearl said,

      "Sri Chinmoy is no longer a threat to the weightlifting or bodybuilding world, because what he is doing is absolutely unbelievable. He has moved beyond the threatening into the unbelievable. It is beyond human comprehension! This man is of Godly strength. He is truly amazing. It is humanly impossible for the body's joints to even budge this kind of weight. Just to support this kind of weight in any way is a miracle. He is not merely lifting a dumbbell. He is trying to lift the attitude of the world. He is showing us that mind can surpass matter, that when we reach for the highest through meditation we succeed in anything."

      At the end of this most uplifting yet modest celebration, a few people told some recollections of what it was like being there at that time. I myself was fortunate to be at the walk-past meditation after the lift. The most sublime, powerful yet peaceful feeling surrounded the whole house as we all made a short pilgrimage there.

      A few months ago I was able to see that very apparatus of 7,063 pounds that is being stored in a place where I had to do some work. Seeing it again after all these years brought back the incredible sense of outer impossibility and inner spirituality as I observed the huge and powerful truss-like structure. Guru's own ability to experience a oneness with the metal plates instead of fighting with their relative weight perhaps made them seem much lighter than they were in the relative physical world.

      However one looks at it, with mental belief or even disbelief, the powerful inner and outer consciousness that pervades the very structure and even the photos of it is definitely real and convincing in its own uplifting effect on our limited minds and receptive consciousness. This truly is an event and an anniversary worth remembering and honoring.

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