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  • sarala392
    Nov 11, 2009
      From "Never Grow Old" [by Sri Chinmoy]

      This one is encouraging:

      Any self-transcendence attempt
      Will enable the seeker
      To go beyond the circle
      Of birth and death.

      God's message to the older generation:
      "As long as you remain on earth,
      You must realize that your days
      Are equally as important
      As those of the younger generation,
      Whose hearts are all hope.
      And whose lives are all promise".

      # 21
      True, you have worked hard
      For many years.
      But you must aspire until the end
      There is no such thing as a pension
      In the spiritual life.

      Just love and serve God
      And please God in His own Way.
      When the choice Hour strikes,
      God Himself will book your passage
      To His highest Heaven.


      [Moderator's Note: Poems by Sri Chinmoy, unofficial versions]