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  • purnakama2000
    Sep 5, 2009
      When there is so little good news being reported these days, I was very happy to read about something, or rather two somethings that took place in my city recently.

      In May, a group of teenage boys were playing a dangerous game of "chicken" on a bridge above the Red River that runs through our city. They were jumping in and out of traffic, and jumping over large openings in the bridge just for fun.
      One of the boys was not so lucky and he plunged about 40 feet into the fast flowing river beneath. He was immediately swept away in the torrent, but it was obviously not his destiny to die on that day.

      Underneath the bridge lived a homeless man who watched horrified as the boy plunged into the river. Without a second thought this man dove into the river and by a miracle was able to rescue the boy.

      Fast forward to two days ago. A young couple is sitting along the river bank near this bridge, and they have been having too much to drink. The girl decides that she will go for a swim and is immediately swept away by the river. Her boyfriend tries to rescue her, but he is caught in an even faster current and is immediately swept away.
      Once more this homelees man named Farron is watching horrified under the bridge, and once again he plunges into the river and is able to rescue the girl.

      What an incredible act of courage coming from someone who has absolutely nothing in the outer world.

      He is a native Canadian Indian man and when he was interviewed, he didn't want to go into much detail about his life, but he said he had a very hard life growing up. At one point he was studying to be a teacher, but due to a series of tragedies in his life, he ended up where he is today;living under a bridge.

      Our Mayor asked him what he could offer him for his bravery. All he wanted was tickets to see our provincial baseball team play.

      It's amazing to me that someone who has experienced so much tragedy, would find it in himself to risk his own life not once, but twice to save the life of a complete stranger.

      There are angels everywhere in all forms.

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