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24008Musings about birthdays

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  • sharani_sharani
    Aug 25, 2009
      In 2 days (it will be less than 2 days by the time this posts), Sri Chinmoy's students will observe his birth anniversary - August 27th. Born in 1931, he would have turned 78 this year.

      As I think about Guru and birthdays, I find that my years as his student profoundly influenced my philosophy on the subject of birthdays.

      The birthday concept evolved from my American tradition of getting presents and eating cake and ice cream to a more sacred view of the event as the anniversary of one's soul's arrival on the Earth arena and a day that the soul might come forward and emit its fragrance like a fully blossomed flower.

      Do you have any special birthday memories related to being a student of Sri Chinmoy? Or do you remember a particularly vivid impact on your life related to birthdays?

      I know one big change for me was the notion that one should give instead of receive on the birthday and the making or offering of birthday "prasad" became a new tradition.

      Some years I made some edible treat from scratch to share with a couple hundred other students at a function in New York. Later years found me more likely to buy some special treat.

      Other times I embarked on writing as many poems as my upcoming age and I would offer them to Guru to read. Here is a link to a few oldies that I shared with him that I also subsequently illustrated:

      On Guru's birthday, did you ever give him a special present that has sweet memories linked to its offering? Did you help bake his giant birthday cake that we all would share? Or did you decorate the stage?

      On the eve of Guru's birthday, I am curious if anyone has memories they are inspired to share.

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