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23986Re: Photographic Memories of Sri Chinmoy

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  • jodybol
    Aug 2, 2009
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      I just casually clicked on this site and casually was flipping through this in a state of judgment mind - "oh I like this one, I saw him like that,I don't much like that" - the mind's natering and narking.

      Then the June 1 photo, with him looking directly into the camera, just grabbed me as if he physically reached out - strongly but gently.
      Outwardly, I honestly don't recall any photo quite like this. It seemed that our eyes were joined in a way that all of my energy circuits were in full engagement. The helmet of thinking shattered. I felt a sense of connection and compassion coming from him.

      In particular came gratitude for all it meant to me to run - the gift of marathons in particular that I never would have done otherwise. I loved running them and am right now feeling his presence around the lake in New York.

      The other gratitude rush that came was when I was under such a black cloud of depression that I could barely function. I desperately reached out for help. When I got the phone call with a few words passed on, the depression totally lifted. The overworn analogy of turning on a bright light and having no trace of darkness perfectly described the experience.

      Thank you for posting this link. Anyone who hasn't checked it out, may want to do so.

      > http://srichinmoyphoto.com/
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