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  • purnakama2000
    Jul 11, 2009
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      Hi all,

      I seem to be having difficulty posting on the site, and I think I accidentally posted some replies from Louisa so my apologies if things got fouled up.

      After all of my inspiration in the running world, I was rather negligent last week when I went home to visit my family. I only got out a couple of times. Often one tends to revert to old ways when visiting one's family, (at least that's my experience).

      But hooray, finally back home, I have ventured once more into the running world.
      Feeling rather sleepy but restless early this morning, I decided that I would at least go for a walk to fulfill my exercise requirements for the day, but of course once I started walking, my body couldn't hold back, and once again, I was happily jogging away.

      It was a lovely cool breezy morning; perfect for a nice run. Everyone's gardens are in full bloom right now, and everyone in my neighborhood seems to have a green thumb so it was pure joy running along the sidewalks looking to see what each garden looked like; peonies, orange blossoms, impatiens, all with fresh morning dew accenting the brilliant arrray of colours.

      Somewhere along the way I decided to count the animals that I saw. It's always a fun way to pass the time while running. My neighborhood is choc a block with pet owners, many of whom are out early in the morning for a stroll.
      Today I counted 9 and a half dogs (I counted the mini dachshund as 1/2 as he was smaller than most of the cats I saw), 7 cats, one bunny, and countless scurrying squirells.

      It's interesting to see the difference between the animals, especially the cats and dogs. The cats were either cozily curled up snoozing in the morning sun, or sitting under trees anxiously awaiting an errant bird. The dogs however always seemed to have boundless energy and curiosity. They had to smell, sniff, and greet every person,fellow animal and tree. And they greeted each one with an equal amount of enthusiasm and joy.
      And of course I had to take little breaks and return their greeting:)

      With all of the animal counting and flower gazing, a 45 minute run (with some walking) passed quickly and happpily.

      I'm not sure that I'll be ready for the full marathon this year, but I'm sure I could do half.
      In any case, I'm finally enjoying the road it takes to get there.

      Yours in running,

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