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23559God Is In Everything

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  • cott_doris
    Feb 4, 2009
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      This morning when I looked in the mirror I thought, "Oh, God! Is this

      There is a saying that goes, "When you wake up in the morning and
      don't feel any pain you are possibly dead." I am certainly not dead.
      But it can be tricky to count the years of physical suffering.

      Every morning after the morning meditation I am used to read in Sri
      Chinmoys book, "My Life's Soul-Journey." This morning Sri Chinmoy
      taught me that I might have a wrong attitude to pain.

      As long as Sri Chinmoy was physically with us on earth I strongly
      felt he would be often suffering from pain but never lose his
      cheerfulness. I was glad for him to be free of pain in Heaven.

      In this book Sri Chinmoy writes (unofficial):

      "To endure the buffets of life firmly and calmy is to have the full
      taste of matchless equanimity."

      "Suffering I shall not invite, far from it. But if it comes, we have
      to see in it the existence of God. If we do not separate God from the
      suffering, then our own life-breath and Gods Compassion will meet
      together. Otherwise we are not allowing Gods Compassion to touch our
      life-breath we are not seeing Gods existence in everything. We say
      that God is everywhere. If God is everywhere, is He not also in
      suffering? Is God not in frustration? Is God so weak that He has to
      be only in Heaven and not in our painful earth-bound existence? When
      we suffer, God is there. We have to see His Face and not the face of
      the suffering that tortures us. If we can do that, if we can see Gods
      Face in everything, then we will see that suffering and frustration
      cannot exist. They have to be transformed into joy, constant joy,
      because our sweet Father, our affectionate, compassionate Father, is
      there in everything to protect us and save us."

      "Do not avoid
      But transform
      The things that need

      After the morning meditation the face in the mirror was smiling at
      me. I cheerfully stepped out the door and greeted the new cold, fresh
      morning. It wasn't so easy to walk up the hill but by lilting some
      Evergreens and remembering the 3100 mile runners it was kind of ok.

      I am grateful to Guru to open my eyes and showing us always plenty of
      ways out and up.