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  • mahiruha_27
    Feb 1, 2009
      Very funny, Nicholas!

      When I traveled to Germany, seven years ago, I made a remarkable
      discovery: that, oddly enough, Germans who live in Germany for some
      inexplicable reason speak German, not English. I went there not
      knowing how to say anything except "ich essen kein fleisch" (I'm sorry
      if I'm misspelling anything here.) That means that I don't eat any
      meat. When my waiter asked me if I wanted "gemuese" I didn't know
      that gemuese meant vegetables!

      During my trip, I went to a guitar/zylophone concert in Berlin. It
      was fun. The guitarist was very skilled and talented, but he kept
      getting drowned out by the maniacal zylophonist. Anyway, during the
      intermission, I had a very nice conversation with an Ethiopian
      gentleman who had immigrated to Germany many years previously. I
      asked him at one point when was the last time he had had a
      conversation with somebody in English.

      "Oh," he said, after a pause,"about twenty years ago."

      I mean, my English-speaking pride evaporated!

      Anyway, come visit me in Chicago so that you can enjoy some sloppy
      totally-to-die-for deep-dish pizza!

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