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23555Re: OT Signers

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  • pavitrata27
    Jan 31, 2009
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      Hi Mahiruha

      The challenge was based on my faith in your abilities! You are quite
      capable of it, I believe.

      Most things bees do are done in good taste and with artistry, so
      that quilt would be amazing. Woven in hexagonal patterns, I assume.
      As for the origami chipmunk, Google 'origami chipmunk' and you will
      see someone has made one!!

      PBS TV in America a couple of years ago used to do a fantastic
      program called 'Signing Time' for children to learn signing in a fun
      way. I don't know if its still on PBS but maybe the DVDs are

      Go to YouTube, type in 'Signing Time the alphabet' and you will find
      the signing alphabet there in a very manageable way!

      While you are on YouTube type in 'Signing Time silly pizza song' to
      see how the whole thing is put together.

      And there's your segue to my challenge!!!

      pip pip
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