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23478Christmas Party in Hamburg

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  • purna_samarpan
    Jan 4, 2009
      Christmas in Hamburg.

      We held our Christmas Party on Sunday 21 of December here in Hamburg. Disciples from Berlin, Bremen, Rostock, Hannover and even Leipzig joined us for a wonderful Sunday in our Centre. Altogether 30 souls.

      We started around noon with silent meditation followed by singing of some of Guru's songs about the Christ.

      Afterwards we made groups of 3-4 people to perform later
      the Christ quotes that God the Father gives to Jesus while he is still in Heaven (as found in Sri Chinmoy's Book "The Son").

      Afterwards we had a most delicious buffet with cheese, bread, fruitbread, Christmas cookies, salads, eggs ,spicy drinks and many more items.

      After our stomach very full we started to practice for our small plays that were going to be the grand finale of the day later that evening.

      Before that we practiced for about an hour for our next music performance with "Northern Light". That was a real Joy Day!!

      And not to forget: in the evening Madal Bal Workers from Berlin and Hamburg went to an excellent Indian Restaurant called Jaipur for their Christmas Meal.

      Happy New Year

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