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  • arpan_deangelo
    Jan 4, 2009
      This is my latest blog article I wrote for the New Year which I think
      some of you may enjoy or find helpful. Here is the link to my blogspot
      as well for other articles I wrote mostly about running and Sri Chinmoy:

      Run A Mile

      As the New Year 2009 begins and we all try to feel a sense of newness
      and perhaps some personal transformation, we tend to think of
      resolutions or promises we can make to ourselves to change for the
      better. Trying to become more fit or healthier through diet, exercise,
      meditation, and other healthy activities is a very popular way to at
      least start the year.

      I would suggest for those who choose fitness as one of their goals to
      try to get into the habit of going outside every day or most days, even
      colder days, and walk or jog if you can, for a specified amount of time.
      Starting with ten minutes, if you are a beginner, then increasing it
      after a week or so, you will see immediate results that will be very
      personally satisfying.

      I am not a doctor who can tell you all the physical benefits this will
      have on your health, but there are many. Mentally and psychologically
      the benefits will be evident to you as you begin to become less stressed
      and more relaxed in body and spirit. Spiritually there will be an
      opportunity to have moments of deep reflection and even a dynamic
      meditation as you can move in a mantric-like fashion with a steady
      stride and calm mind.

      For those who like to think while exercising, you may find that you will
      have the most creative thoughts while running or walking. Problem
      solving may come more naturally when the body is in motion instead of
      statically stuck in front of a computer or television screen.

      For those who like to run or even walk a mile or more for whatever
      personal reasons, it is also helpful to remember how much Sri Chinmoy
      loved running and loved to see people run, no matter what the distance.
      For those who are more interested in the physical health benefits of
      walking and running there are many books by experts on the subject. But
      for spiritual benefits and inspiration, Sri Chinmoy was truly a Master
      and expert both from the inner and outer perspective. His book, 'The
      Outer Running and the Inner Running' offers endless wisdom and
      extremely helpful advice and inspiration for seeker-runners who wish to
      make genuine progress both in their spiritual lives and in their outer
      lives. http://www.srichinmoylibrary.com/books/0645

      In this short excerpt from the introduction one can see how success and
      progress both can be achieved from running:

      "The outer running is a burning desire to achieve everything that we
      see here on earth. The inner running is a climbing aspiration to receive
      from Above a vast compassion-sky and to give from below a tiny

      The outer running is an extraordinary success on the mountain-summit.
      The inner running is an exemplary progress along Eternity's sunlit Road.
      Success is the ready and immediate acceptance of the challenges from
      difficulties untold. Progress is the soulful and grateful acceptance of
      the blessingful joy from prosperities unfathomed."

      Sri Chinmoy also offered advice and inspiration for running through
      poetry and songs.

      In this now famous poem which became a popular running song as well, Sri
      Chinmoy offers meaningful advice on running and its inevitable result:

      "Run and Become,

      Become and Run,

      Run to succeed

      In the outer world.

      Become to proceed

      In the inner world."

      Whether it is with poetry, music, or just running itself, we all have to
      be motivated to get out and transform our own lives for the better.
      There is no better time than the present to do so, whether it is the
      start of a new year or just the beginning of a new day or even a new

      So find yourself a good running book such as 'The Outer Running And
      The Inner Running' http://www.srichinmoylibrary.com/books/0645

      Then get a good pair of running shoes and go outside to enjoy the moment
      in motion.

      Here is one more poem for those who want to cover a mile or eventually
      attempt to run a marathon or beyond. But no matter how long or how much
      you wish to move and go forward, there will always be something good
      waiting for you at the 'finish line.' Try it and see for

      This short poem is for anyone who loves to run from a mile to a
      multiday. In a few short lines I tried to embody the essence of each
      distance, simply and sweetly. If anyone else get inspiration from their
      running to write poetry I would encourage them to share that creative
      urge with us. Also encouraged are any of Sri Chinmoy's poems about
      running or any other author that inspires your involvement in this
      uniquely personal sport.

      Run A Mile

      Run a mile.

      You will acquire a smile.

      Run 26.2 miles.

      You will smile for days.

      Run for days.

      Your smile will earn

      His Heavenly Gaze.



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