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23470Re: Wednesday Night and New Year Meditation in, N.Y.,Dec. 31, 2008

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  • nirmalapoems
    Jan 3 4:38 AM
      You are spiritual. That means you are pure. What kind of purity are
      you aiming at? You are aiming at the purity that will satisfy God and
      capture Him inside your heart, inside your mind, inside your vital and
      inside your body. All your impurity will leave you when God comes to
      live inside your body-room, vital-room, mind-room and heart-room. If
      you can feel that God is living inside you, then only can you develop
      real purity.
      -Sri Chinmoy

      Again this is a most enchanting and complete report for the ending of
      the old year and beginning of the new year. I wish to offer a
      translation of a song: Nil Baridhir Atale Tale

      "I shall enjoy the cosmic Game.
      I shall love myself inside the heart of the blue ocean.
      Nobody will be able to see me, nobody.
      Only one person, and that is You Mother,
      And Your Smile.
      Your Smile will awaken a boundless heart in me
      By destroying all finite darkness in me."
      -Sri Chinmoy (Nov, 22, 1975)

      Guru composed always right from his heart and one day we will see,
      that his utterances are without time and space limits, he could have
      said it just now at this very moment.

      Again many thanks Arpan for your incredibly beautiful reports

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