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  • abhinabha
    Dec 30, 2008
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      In response to Arpan's request and Tejvan's example here is a short
      summary of the Christmas function in our centre in Amsterdam.

      We combined two holidays into one. In Holland on the 5th of December
      we usually celebrate "Sinterklaas", a holiday named after a Christian
      saint from Turkey, St. Nicholas of Myra who himself became the model
      for the American Santa Claus, but that's a different story (which can
      be read by clicking http://www.stnicholascenter.org/Brix?pageID=35)

      On "Sinterklaas" it is our custom to give each other a present,
      wrapped in an original way and accompanied by a rhyming poem.
      Tradition has it that any possible flaws of character may be freely,
      though gently and humorously addressed in the poem. After all, it is
      understood that Sinterklaas is the author of the poems. Like a mild
      judge he has observed our behavior during the year to make sure we
      have all been good boys and girls. Should one fail his scrutiny, a
      one-way ticket to Madrid (our saint's city of residence) in one of his
      many jute sacks will most certainly follow.

      The boys in our centre eagerly availed themselves of this opportunity
      to vent a little of their pent-up irritation and to give generous
      advice on desired adjustments in behaviour, which will most certainly
      end up unheeded. The girls were less revealing in their poetic
      expressions and did not prod too much into sensitive areas - bless
      their hearts.

      It was all good fun.

      The next morning was reserved for bhajan singing, as Annemarie had
      compiled booklets with Guru's songs on the Christ. Matthijs' beautiful
      accompaniment on the harmonium augmented the lustre and divinity of
      Guru's songs. We closed the morning with a short meeting on the
      upcoming World Harmony Run and a sumptuous brunch with yoghurt and
      scrambled eggs on bread.

      In cheerful holiday spirits,

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