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2345830th Anniversary of Sri Chinmoy’s First Marathon, Chico, California

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  • arpan_deangelo
    Dec 29, 2008
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      For those who like to celebrate big numbered Anniversaries and for all
      the runners out there who may wish to celebrate this one by running a
      marathon on March 1st, 2009, keep posted on the plans for having a
      worldwide celebration of Sri Chinmoy's 30th Anniversary of his first
      marathon which he ran in Chico, California on March 3, 1979. He ran it
      in a time of 4hrs.,31 min., 34 sec's. at the age of 47. This was a
      very good time for a former short distance sprinter and overall track
      athlete, as well as a Spiritual Master of the highest order.

      Here is a short and amusing comment by Sri Chinmoy about running

      The Running Master

      People who don't run marathons feel sad that they don't run them, and
      people who run marathons feel sad that they do run them. So many
      problems human beings have! Why do they have to create additional
      problems by entering into the world of marathoning? By running a
      marathon has anybody realised God? I don't think any spiritual Master
      other than me has ever run a marathon. Perhaps they were wise people.
      Perhaps it is because I am not wise that I run marathons.

      -31 January 1983

      Excerpt from Run And Become, Become And Run, Part 13
      <http://www.srichinmoylibrary.com/books/0598> by Sri Chinmoy.

      Of course, we all know how much he valued the marathon by running 22 of
      them, writing many songs about them and encouraging most able bodied
      runners to run at least one or more in their lifetime.

      Since the New Year of 2009 is upon us, anyone who wishes to make a
      personal resolution to run a marathon, start by reading some of Sri
      Chinmoy's writings about this `magical' distance. You can
      find some of these writings in my own marathon training manual called,
      `Seven Steps to A Successful Marathon' which I wrote in 2002.

      For those of you who are not familiar with it, in it I use many quotes
      from Sri Chinmoy as an inspiration to create the feeling of wanting to
      train for and run a marathon. This is a longtime and serious undertaking
      for those who wish to progress at racing the marathon distance or
      beyond. But for those who may just wish to just try it to see if they
      can get through the distance, this guide will also be quite uplifting
      and helpful.

      By no means intending to brag, as I offer Sri Chinmoy all gratitude and
      credit for constantly inspiring me and others to compete at long
      distance running and racing over the past thirty years, I have completed
      over 200 marathons and ultra-marathon races and solo runs. I am still
      running them after 31 years of running marathons and ultras, in most
      cases racing them hard. Therefore I feel qualified to encourage others
      to try it at least once, hard or easy, or for those who have run at
      least one already to try to run one a little faster than their previous

      But whether you like to race hard or just jog for health and the joy of
      it, this may be a perfect opportunity to start training for some
      marathon races in the New Year. Please click on this link to get a copy
      of my training program with Sri Chinmoy's advice as well.


      Although my website needs some updating and work to make it more
      appealing, I think you will enjoy this training program, especially if
      you are a novice marathoner. For those who wish to get more specific
      detailed training programs, you could reach me by phone or email.

      We will keep you posted as to what we plan to do in New York about the
      Anniversary of Sri Chinmoy's First Marathon. Anyone else with
      inspiration and ideas is welcome to contact me or others involved with
      the SCMT.

      I leave you for now with a very meaningful and inspiring poem by Sri
      Chinmoy who sees the marathon with deeper insight and offers it as a
      metaphor for the spiritual life as well:

      "The spiritual life is a marathon,

      An inner marathon which never ends.

      The Supreme is begging

      All His seeker-children

      To be excellent runners-

      To run speedily, like deer-

      In this eternal inner journey."

      Sri Chinmoy

      So pass the word about March 1. Looking forward to hearing from all you
      aspiring marathoners out there.

      Gratefully still running,


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