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23300The Oslo statue

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  • abhinabha
    Oct 30, 2008
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      Last weekend in Oslo was one of the brightest and finest in my life.
      Sri Chinmoy's bronze statue, masterfully crafted by Kaivalya, was
      unveiled on the main pier in the centre of Norway's capital. Standing
      two metres or six foot seven tall, clad in a bronze dhoti and folding
      his hands in prayerful supplication Sri Chinmoy's statue looks out
      over the waters of the harbour with a serene, poised and majestic
      spiritual gaze.

      I have never witnessed such power and consciousness imbued into
      lifeless metal. It is the quintessence of spiritual art. Sculptor
      Kaivalya deserves eternal thunderous applause for his work, yet his
      ever humble comment rang, "It is 99.9 per cent Guru's work. I was just
      an instrument."

      Over a hundred of Sri Chinmoy's students from all over the world
      celebrated this historic dedication with three days of gatherings and
      festivities. Against the backdrop of Oslo's unprecedented beauty and
      mother nature's rich storehouse of blessings, I felt transported to
      the very halls of Heaven.

      Disciple musicians served up a banquet of musical delight in a Songs
      of the Souls concert on Sunday night, staged in one of the most
      elegant concert halls I have ever seen. Waves of harmony brimming with
      inner beauty washed over me as I listened trance-bound to the rich
      melodies unearthed by our revered teacher and arranged by his talented
      students, who seemed touched by Saraswati Herself.

      Evenings were spent in the Fragrance of the Heart café. Unforgettable
      gatherings with friends, eating, singing and telling stories to our
      heart's delight. Then we would all march off together to challenge the
      chilly air and in a miniature pilgrimage walk the half mile towards
      the sacred statue, where we would stand around in a semi-circle,
      rooted to the spot and soak up the stream of compassion and grace
      flowing from the bronze portrait of Sri Chinmoy.

      Time stood still and saluted us there. I never wanted this weekend to end.