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  • dmchaudhurani
    Oct 30, 2008
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      Last weekend I was one of those fortunate people to be able to go to
      Oslo to attend the special unveiling ceremony of the first statue of
      Guru to be erected anywhere in the world. This was facing the Eternal
      Flame in Oslo.

      A number of little miracles combined to make it possible for me to be
      there with my son. The whole journey felt like a pilgrimage. We
      arrived on Saturday and went to the Function in the evening, where
      Kaivalya spoke movingly about his experiences as a sculptor. about how
      he first came to make statues for Guru and how this statue came to be
      commissioned and made.

      I was very tired at this function and missed some of what Kaivalya and
      other speakers said. Afterwards I asked who had videoed or recorded
      the speakers - and was sad to find no one who had recorded it. So my
      first request is that if anyone reading this did record the Saturday
      Function I would love to hear from them as I did not want to miss
      anything. I felt it was all very special and significant.

      One thing that I did hear was that when the statue had arrived in
      Norway that morning it was taken to the great Oslo Coffee shop. When
      it had been taken down into the basement it was wrapped in plastic.
      The disciples present unwrapped it. They felt such an immediate force
      of Guru's power that they stood reverently in a semi-circle admiring
      it and were inspired to sing The Invocation.

      Next day the statue was moved to the port where it was installed by
      the Eternal Flame. Apparently this was also very special as the place
      favoured by Kaivalya and other disciples turned out to be exactly the
      same place that the officials in Oslo had chosen. The statue faces
      south, looking at the flame and then out over the harbour. The
      movement of the masts of boats anchored there and the sound of wind in
      their rigging creates a beautiful harmony of movement and sound which
      links with the stillness of the statue and play of light from the flame.

      On Sunday evening there was a great concert called Songs of the Soul,
      with different disciple groups performing. It began with the
      Scandinavian boys and ended with Mountain Silence. I was not so tired
      that night so I enjoyed every moment of the concert. Afterwards we
      walked down to the port to see the statue.

      This was my first sight of the famous statue and I was full of
      anticipation. It felt as if I was going to see Guru again. When we
      reached the site of the statue, a 'walk-past' had started. In silence
      I took my place in the line and as I walked to the front of the statue
      looked up at it for the first time. I saw it only with my outer eyes
      and human expectations. I was shocked that it did not look exactly
      like Guru. Instead of feeling joy I felt a sense of disappointment.
      But as I walked past I suddenly felt a wave of blessings. I felt a
      bitter-sweet smile spread through me. Outwardly there might be some
      details in the features which were not exactly like Guru's features -
      but inwardly he was there. What more could anyone want.

      My son stayed all night beside the statue and had some very inspiring
      experiences. He said that there are some angles from which the statue
      looks just like Guru, but what ever way you look, wherever you stand,
      you can feel his inner Presence.

      Next day there was the unveiling ceremony. I stood in a great place,
      facing the statue which was enveloped in light blue satin held by a
      deep blue ribbon. I was meditating and praying only to see and feel
      Guru's Presence and not to notice any outer features which might not
      look exactly like Guru. The ceremony began with children singing and
      went on with some great peaches. Then the moment came for a group of
      top dignitaries to pull the satin ribbon and free the fabric. The
      statue was revealed in all it's glowing bronze-gold glory. I found
      myself talking inwardly to Guru and thinking of the statue as Guru,
      not as a statue any more.

      When all the ceremonial events had finished, disciples took turns to
      stand by the statue for photographs. I was inspired to find my son so
      we could take our turn together. As we queued up I felt very shy, just
      as I would in the past when I stood near Guru. Then it was our turn.

      I stood on Guru's right. (Note I do not say on the right of the
      statue.) As I stepped forward to stand there my eyes were on his feet
      - something which often happened when I was in Guru's close physical
      Presence when he was alive.) But suddenly, spontaneously, I was
      inspired to stoop and touch the golden foot which was beside me. As I
      stood up I looked up at Guru's Face for an instant - and in that
      instant I felt His Eyes and His Smile on me. That instant was the most
      vivid, immediate and Blessingful of all.

      During one of the peaches or conversations around the ceremony I
      remember someone saying, 'Guru has been away from the world,
      physically, for just over a year, but now he is back.' My mind had not
      accepted that statement. But now, after this blessingful experience, I
      knew they were right.

      If anyone is able to make the pilgrimage to Oslo I can not recommend
      it too highly and I am so grateful to Kaivalya, Husiar and all others
      who combined their skills and efforts to make this wonderful statue a
      reality in our world.

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