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23271Re: ¨I Am An Eternal Journey¨

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  • suchana27
    Oct 15, 2008
      It was such a nice surprise to know that Guru had published the book
      entitled `The Eternal Journey´ in 1977; it has given me much joy to
      spend some time reading partly of it at the weekend!

      For this last posting on this topic I have chosen the following
      paragraph for it reminds me the fulness of Guru´s life on the
      physical and his illumining conscioussness in Immortality.

      His assertions have the high power of convincing not only my human
      but also my divine parts with flowing optimism. They also take me
      closer to his ever new philosophy in which the human beings are not
      seen as God´s slaves but as God´s partners:

      ¨From now on, I shall always remain devoted to my life within. From
      now on, my body shall sing and sing, my vital shall smile and smile,
      my mind shall fly and fly, my heart shall dive and dive, my soul
      shall spread and spread. No difficulty, no sorrow, no anxiety will be
      able to assail me. I shall not fall. I shall not stumble. Onward I
      shall march. Mine will be the life of the eternal journey, the
      journey that has neither beginning nor end. This is the ever-
      transcending journey, the journey that beckons humanity´s cry and
      Divinity´s Smile.¨

      by Sri Chinmoy
      Excerpt from ´The Eternal Journey´
      in http://www.srichinmoylibrary.com/books/0733


      In the Eternal Journey,
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