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22949Re: The power of our spiritual family

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  • cott_doris
    Jul 13 1:26 AM
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      You are so kind, Suchana. I thought your experience was much more
      delicate. But why compare?

      If you not have already done so why not respond to the poem that was
      written on the black-board in a similar way. I leave it to your
      creativity! ;-)

      I do not know what our seeker travellers are having in their minds
      and I do not doubt their sincere questions in any way but I must
      never be "blue-eyed."

      Here in Zurich there are many refugees and each of them have their
      own dreams. I am not suspicious in any way only alert. Many of the
      refugees have problems to get a residence permit in Switzerland and
      they have to leave the country after some time. So sometimes they are
      using ways to get it in some more or less smart but strange ways. We
      cannot blame them.

      All the best to you

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