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22948Re: The power of our spiritual family

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  • suchana27
    Jul 12, 2008
      Yours is a most inspiring and direct experience, dear Doris!
      It also gives me so much joy because unexpected experiences are
      always full of the Supreme's unconditional Love and Joy for His
      children. We are so fortunate! :)

      While reading your nice message the question of human receptivity to
      a higher Light and a better understanding arises. So as I have a
      little extra time this weekend, I am searching on Guru's library and
      find over 500 entries for the item called 'receptivity'.
      Maybe our unknown seekers-travellers were also asking themselves the
      question that Guru answered nearly 38 years ago:

      ¨Alan: When will perfection dawn here on earth?

      Sri Chinmoy: It entirely depends on earth's aspiration and earth´s
      receptivity. Earth's aspiration and earth's receptivity are entirely
      responsible for the dawn of perfection on earth.¨ (unofficial)

      Excerpt from 'Perfection-World' by Sri Chinmoy in

      I hope you are enjoying many more soulful experiences like this one!

      Very gratefully,
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