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22947Re: The power of our spiritual family

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  • dmchaudhurani
    Jul 12, 2008
      What a wonderful experience. I have never had such a surprise. But I
      do have posters of Guru on my classroom walls. they are 'hidden'
      because there are so many pictures and posters etc. No-one has yet
      asked about them except to comment on the fact that the biggest one is
      from a German Concert so they thought it should be in the Languages
      department. I explained that there are no lines between subjects in
      the real world. We only put them there in school because teachers
      can't know everything - but all the subjects link up and overlap.

      So many times a day I look at Guru on the wall and he lifts me and
      makes me smile. He is my secret Friend.

      In London Centre there is a series of classes at the moment and I have
      one poster from these classes by the door in the entrance lobby to the
      'hut' where my classroom is. I see it every time I come in and leave.
      The poster is mainly green which is a calm colour - and Guru is meditating with closed eyes. It's such a peaceful and at
      the same time powerful image. I feel so privileged to be able to see
      it so many times a day - as part of my work. I really feel my
      classroom is a Divine Enterprise.

      We are so fortunate, so blessed as teachers to be able to share
      something of Guru's Light with our students. Thanks again for your
      message. I hope to see you in August.

      All the best

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