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22941Re: The power of our spiritual family

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  • cott_doris
    Jul 12 2:16 AM
      Dear Suchana, your post gave me so much joy. What an experience! I am
      sure I would have been surprised as you were. May I add my little
      experience I had some days ago?

      After (still) painting walls and doors of our new Centre every day
      which is actually a house I got into the bus late in the evening and
      started reading a book by Sri Chinmoy. It's title is O My Mind.

      It is all about the Supreme talking to the mind. I was wondering why
      I had chosen this book when a voice from behind asked
      quietly, "Excuse me?" I heard it but didn't react. The voice asked
      again, "Excuse me." I turned around and an African man said, "I am
      sorry I just read a few lines of the poems you are reading and I like
      them. He asked, "Where can I buy this book?" I replied that I doubted
      he can buy it because it was published in 1988 in New York. But I was
      able to write the address of Sri Chinmoy's website in his cell-phone.
      I told him that one thousand and some hundreds of Sri Chinmoy's books
      are available on his website (what I am impressed about myself!!) and
      that they would be expressing the same message in essence.

      When I got off I handed him the book and he accepted it happily and
      thanked me.

      I am grateful to God that he uses me in some small but hopefully
      important way - in this case to give a book by Sri Chinmoy to the man
      who was so happy to receive it.

      Doris :-)
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