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22927Re: The power of our spiritual family

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  • suchana27
    Jul 6, 2008
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      Durga Mata, your answer to Purnakama came just after a nice
      experience I had the day before when I got to my class at high school.

      It happens to be an extremely noisy group of teenagers. I was so
      tired that afternoon that I was not expected to be very patient with
      them. But things changed for the better all of a sudden when I looked
      at the blackboard and read in Spanish -¨world peace will be achieved
      when the power of love replaces the love of power¨ along with the
      peace logo below.

      I couldn´t believe my own eyes! ¨Guru´s poem is here!¨ I said to
      myself. And I took my time to read it again and again.

      As soon as I could get out of my surprise, I asked them -¨who has
      written this beautiful aphorism?¨ As nobody answered affirmatively,
      one of the boys said that ¨it has been written by the morning
      students, we haven´t done it.¨ That was the great and good chance to
      discuss about the deep meaning of these sacred words and see together
      the benefits of putting them into practice.

      When the formal lesson started, most of them remained quiet and more
      receptive to deal with others in ´a normal way´ and do their

      You say that many things happen in an unexpected way, that there is
      always a kind of ¨connection and God´s Purpose¨ and I fully agree
      with you.
      It was probably another student who gave his or her own
      interpretation to this poem created by Guru many years ago.
      He might have read it in http://www.srichinmoylibrary.com/books/0015
      thanks to the vast power of our spiritual family

      In oneness-joy,
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