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22729Gratitude, Humility-Qualities that Sri Chinmoy Embodied

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  • kamalakanta47
    May 29, 2008
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      It is sometimes difficult for me to talk about Sri Chinmoy. How do you
      describe the Infinite?

      Maybe because of things like this, it is the reason that poetry exists, and also the reasonthat Masters usually teach in allegories.

      All I can say right now is this: I felt all the divine qualities, such
      as purity, humility, peace, light and bliss, in infinite measure, in
      Sri Chinmoy. I felt this in his meditation (see
      http://www.srichinmoy.tv/c_/video/tv/110/110-1-3.mov), in the serenity
      of his loving meditative gaze
      in the inner love and concern reflected in his eyes

      I feel it in his music
      (http://www.radiosrichinmoy.org/channels/meditation-2), in his art
      (http://www.srichinmoyart.com/), in his writings

      This morning, as usual, I wanted to choose an aphorism to share with
      you all. I chose this one, featured in the book "The Wings of Gratitude":

      "Gratitude is something in our heart
      That helps us
      Transcend our experience of earth
      Intensify our realisation of God."

      Excerpt from Ten Thousand Flower-Flames, Part 27 by Sri Chinmoy

      and then I was drawn, within the Sri Chinmoy Library site, to other
      writings on gratitude, and I found this, which moved me to the core:


      Question: First of all, I thank you. I have been very much struck by
      your beautiful poems, your stories, your great creative gift to do so
      much and your paintings. Do you have something to say about that great
      capacity to produce beautiful things through imagination that relates
      to spiritual knowledge?

      Sri Chinmoy: In the spiritual life, when we go deep within, what
      we call "imagination" is not imagination. It is something else. It is
      actually the precursor of inspiration. And what we call "inspiration"
      is not inspiration as such. It is something else. When you go deep
      within, you see it is aspiration hiding in inspiration. And
      "aspiration" is not aspiration, but something else. It is something
      higher, something deeper. In aspiration itself is realisation.

      So when I do something, paint or write, I feel that my Inner Pilot is
      having an experience in and through me and that experience is
      aspiration. But the same Pilot, the Inner Pilot, would like to have
      another experience in and through you. At that time He might want the
      experience of realisation or inspiration. The seeker has to remember
      that he is not the doer, he is the instrument. The Inner Pilot is the
      doer. I know and I tell my students that I am not the doer and they
      are not the doers. The doer is somebody else. The doer is the Inner
      Pilot. Since He is the doer, we have to offer our inmost gratitude to
      Him, because it is He who is utilising us.

      Today He is utilising me. Tomorrow, if I misbehave, if I do not listen
      to His inner command, inner dictates, immediately He will cast me
      aside and will give somebody else a chance to be His instrument. There
      are about 250 seekers here. On earth there are millions of human
      beings. But how many people are consciously praying to God or
      meditating on God? In comparison to the world population, very few
      people are praying and meditating. So you see, people who are praying
      and meditating are already chosen and selected for a special purpose.
      God could have chosen somebody else, selected somebody else. But just
      because He has given us the opportunity to become His instruments, we
      feel it is our bounden duty to be of constant gratitude to Him. So
      when I do something as an instrument of His, before I begin, I offer
      Him my gratitude, soulful gratitude. And while He is having the
      experience, while He is acting in and through me, when I see that it
      is He that is doing everything through me, I am all gratitude to Him.
      At the end, when I see the result that He produces, I offer Him
      gratitude again. So if you ask me what I do, I will say from the
      beginning to the end I try to become a gratitude-heart placed at the
      Feet of the Lord Supreme. This is the only experience that I can share
      with you.
      Excerpt from Earth-Bound Journey And Heaven-Bound Journey by Sri



      And it struck me how humble Sri Chinmoy is, how sincerely humble!

      He always saw himself as an instrument of God. In 2005 Sri Chinmoy
      gave a concert in Puerto Rico. The concert happened on October 17,
      2005, my birthday!

      I will eventually write a post about these experiences, but in the
      meantime let me just say that, after the concert, Sri Chinmoy invited
      my family to come on stage and take a photo with him. My father
      approached him, held his hands and said, "you are an instrument of
      God", and Sri Chinmoy spontaneously answered "We are all instruments
      of God, you are an instrument of God, he is an instrument of God, she
      is an instrument of God". My father was so moved! He came, like a
      little child, behind me and whispered in my ear: "He is humble! That's
      how I like it!"

      And I remember reading in one of Sri Chinmoy's writings that humility
      is based on our oneness with God. Which means that the more oneness we
      have with God, the more humble we are! And if we look, in any
      tradition, at any of the great saints and Masters, they were all
      humble! Very humble!

      Which brings me to the next selection from Sri Chinmoy's writings:



      God in His highest and in His deepest quality is humility. If we ask
      why God is so great, the immediate answer is that God is great just
      because He is soulfully humble. God is omniscient and omnipotent, but
      all His divine qualities are housed in one divine quality of His, and
      that is His humility. If God had only played the part of the
      omnipotent God, then we would have made little progress by this time.
      But He comes to us as a sincere beggar in all humility just to awaken
      us from our self-chosen sleep.

      One who knows the meaning of humility is truly divine. Humility is not
      a sign of cowardice. Humility does not mean false modesty. Humility is
      true divinity. It is the inner being that sustains, supports, guides,
      moulds and shapes us, but it does so with all humility. The inner
      being sees us through the eyes of constant humility. Very rarely do we
      see the inner being, but when we do see the inner being, we see it
      with pride of vanity.

      The mother loves her child with affection and compassion. But if the
      mother goes one step beyond this love and compassion, then she feels
      in the child the presence of the divine. At that time she is all
      humility. She feels that it is the greatest honour to feed the child,
      to run with the child, to bring up the child, for in him she sees and
      feels God Himself.

      It is through humility that we can dive the deepest and climb the
      highest in our meditation. The easiest way to enter into the universal
      Consciousness during our day-today activities is through humility.
      When we show humility, we immediately enter into the universal
      Consciousness, which is all-humility. In humility is oneness, and in
      oneness is our divine Reality.
      Excerpt from Life-Tree-Leaves by Sri Chinmoy.

      What can I say? I felt Sri Chinmoy was a Divine Child walking on this
      Earth, spreading love, peace, light and bliss, and goodwill among

      Gratitude, gratitude, gratitude!