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  • dmchaudhurani
    May 26, 2008
      Hello everyone,

      It's early hours of Tuesday 27th. I came onto the Internet to find out
      about coach tickets for a friend who may come and visit for a few days
      as it is our 'half term holiday.' But then of course I had to check
      out Inspiration site.
      I have spent over an hour just opening messages almost at random,
      copying and pasting them to a word file so I can read them tomorrow
      and catch up on all the news.

      It was hard to believe that I last posted over 2 weeks ago. I have
      been swamped with school work and also applying for jobs as I'm on a
      one year contract which ends in July. The application forms are about
      10 pages long and take hours to complete. I had two interviews so far
      and still wait to hear from the last school. They have to interview
      another candidate who couldn't attend on the official day - last
      Friday - before they can make a decision. Waiting to hear is a good
      lesson in surrender. Meanwhile I start looking for more jobs again.
      There is only a short 'window of opportunity' when jobs for September
      are advertised so I can't afford to relax.

      Despite all this , I did manage to get to Puroshottama's
      concert. What gave me most joy was that Shoib, my 'honorary grandson' from Birmingham (and the one who was in a bad car accident in February) did make the effort to come to London for the concert. I don't think he has ever been to a concert before so I wondered how he would react. We were sitting right at the top - on the seats that slope so steeply you could get vertigo. But he was absolutely absorbed and captivated by the music and by the whole atmosphere - as was the entire audience. There was an intense atmosphere of meditation and I think everyone felt that Guru was just there.

      I'll try to write more later, I'm too tired to do it justice now -
      but the whole experience of the concert and Puroshottama's visit was
      very, very inspiring. My favourite moment at the concert was the last
      song - I think it was in Sanskrit. I didn't 'understand' a word - but
      for me it was pure prayer.

      Well, I will stop now as it's late and I am very tired. There are many
      more things I want to share with you all but they will have to wait.
      Only I felt I must write now about the concert, to offer my gratitude
      to Puroshottama and to all in our Centre (and beyond) who organised
      the concert so well and made the whole event such a great success -
      thanks also to all who cooked the lovely food on Saturday, to those
      who brought special prasads and to all who helped then - and who work
      still all over the world, in all our centres, with big events like the
      concerts and Harmony Run, and in smaller ways - in so many unsung
      little ways - that contribute to the glory of oneness and love that
      are the heart-beat of our living Guru's Smile.

      With Gratitude

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