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22162Re: Boris Purushottama Grebenshikov on Radio Sri Chinmoy

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  • karpani_ru
    Mar 1, 2008
      Hi Kamalakanta,

      Thank you so much for the special release! The recording of
      Purushottama's concert is simply excellent; one can feel he really
      sings his lyrics with heart and soul.

      For any Russian, Boris Purushottama Grebenshikov will need no
      introduction, of course: he was called the governing genius behind the
      rock-reggae-blues-folk band Aquarium and an outstanding figure on the
      Russian music scene for nearly 30 years, and continues to draw new
      young audiences - a rare feat among musicians of his generation from
      any nation.

      The amusing thing is that, despite his command of English,
      Purushottama found his poetic gift practically did not translate.
      "There was no possibility of doing it, because the music is rooted in
      language and words are the things that are getting people the most,"
      he says. "They can't possibly be translated."

      The fact that, in spite of lack of translation, his songs are widely
      recognized and loved by so many non-Russian speakers is a shining
      proof that music is, indeed, the universal language - a beautiful
      piece from God The Supreme Musician by Sri Chinmoy comes to my mind:

      "I do not know French or German or Italian, but if music is played,
      immediately the heart of the music enters into my heart, or my heart
      enters into the music. At that time, we don't need outer
      communication; the inner communion of the heart is enough. My heart is
      communing with the heart of the music and in our communion we become
      inseparably one."

      Thank you once again for sharing the excellent recording!

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