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22116Re: Run A Mile

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  • suchana27
    Feb 23, 2008
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      Dear Nirmala,

      Your insights about life are very inspiring to me also for they make
      me feel that there is something deeper and brighter than the mere
      failure/success experiences and this thing is the Supreme´s Will.
      What a relieving philosophy for the Western society!

      I may not write to you so often due to some technical difficulties
      with my computer, but this story about your running in the forest led
      me to search Guru´s Poetry and I am sharing the following of His
      (unofficial) Poems with you:

      If you have sincere courage
      To declare that you are
      Totally lost,
      Then God has the unreserved Compassion
      To show you the way
      To the Satisfaction Goal.

      by Sri Chinmoy
      in http://www.srichinmoypoetry.com/poetry_topics/poetry-courage

      Have happy running days!:)
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