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  • nirmalapoems
    Feb 20, 2008
      Dear Suchana

      Today at the Wednesday Medation I recited a running poem:

      We become a fast runner after losing the race many times. (uno quote)

      The thing is, that I stumbeld in the word losing. If you are in front
      of the group and something goes wrong, that very incident becomes
      precious, because it it something you have to work at or in my case
      tonight, the very word losing became so vivid. I felt what it means
      "losing the race". Its gone, but there are more coming.
      The other poems I recited go like this:

      Once you enter into the spiritual life, you have to take each
      incidednt in life as a God-given experience, for what ever happens in
      your life, either God tolerates it or He sanctions it or He approves it.

      God is unmistakably present in all our actions, but prefers to remain
      invisible for He has repetedly told us that He is interrested only in
      what we are doing and not in what we are saying.

      (unofficial quotes)

      Dear Suchana, keep writing to me
      this inspiries me a lot and also
      gives me power to go out and run
      because after Arpan's message last saterday
      I went running for 3 hours in a part of the forest
      where I lost myself. I needed qute a time to get back home.

      All the best

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