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22048Run A Mile

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  • arpan_deangelo
    Feb 14, 2008
      As I stated in yesterday's message #22038, this is one of several
      simple poems on running that I have composed over the years and would
      like to offer here as an inspiration to those who can relate to running,
      inwardly or outwardly. For those who like to run or even walk a mile or
      more for whatever personal reasons, it is also helpful to remember how
      much our Guru loved running and loved to see us run, no matter what the

      This short poem is for anyone who loves to run from a mile to a
      multiday. In a few short lines I tried to embody the essence of each
      distance, simply and sweetly. If anyone else get inspiration from their
      running to write poetry I would encourage them to share that creative
      urge with us here. I hope to keep doing that here myself until others
      get inspired to do the same or otherwise get tired of reading my poems
      solely. Also encouraged are any of Sri Chinmoy's poems about running
      or any other author that inspires your involvement in this uniquely
      personal sport.

      So here is my next poem called, `Run A Mile'.

      Run A Mile

      Run a mile.

      You will acquire a smile.

      Run 26.2 miles.

      You will smile for days.

      Run for days.

      Your smile will earn

      His Heavenly Gaze.



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