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21950Re: The Seeker-Writer: A Rhyming Play

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  • assistantmummer
    Feb 3, 2008
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      Dear Sumangali, I'm sorry you've been having migraines. I hope whoever
      is holding the teapot at the moment will pour you some tea. :-)

      Sometimes I'm too optimistic. On a good day you may get tea; on a bad
      day you may get stone silence, or someone may throw wet teabags! (I
      hope not. I just finished cleaning the white formica near the Search

      If I understand you, your self-help cure is to either curl up like a
      dog or write like Hildegard von Bingen! - both novel solutions.

      I do appreciate that you're trying to get into the whole "posting
      about minor ailments" thing. I give you an "A" for effort; especially
      since it does not come naturally to you. When I said you had
      "austerity," I meant that you do not need so much sympathy as others.
      You're used to ignoring minor ailments as something not worth speaking
      about. You have bigger fish to fry.

      IMHO, to elicit maximum sympathy you need a phrase like "My head hurt
      so bad that..." [fill in the blank].* With your poetic imagination,
      you're bound to come up with something. Once you've got the reader
      picturing your migraine in graphic terms, it will be easier for
      him/her to commiserate. And do wear the old shawl - nothing furry that
      Kamalakanta can make jokes about - like the squirrel saying "Mama!" to
      your coat (#20795).

      Now if migraines can really provoke such inspired writing (or music
      composition) as you suggest, I can only reply by asking: Where did I
      put that ballpeen hammer? I shall do the offices while singing the
      song Purnakama mentioned in #21730:

      "I am so fortunate,
      I am so fortunate!
      God knocks my head off,
      When I enjoy self-doubt lemonade."

      If someone were making a musical about the French Revolution...

      I haven't heard the name Hildegard von Bingen** in awhile. I remember
      there was an HVB craze a few years ago, but it seems to have died out.
      Maybe she reincarnated as a member of Shindhu.

      You wrote:

      > ...I never made it to Girl Guides. A few weeks of
      > Bluebirds was more than enough for me, sent home from
      > camp after 3 days when I lost in an ugly bout with
      > tonsillitis.

      You may remember this snippet by Sri Chinmoy:

      "At the age of twelve I became an orphan. Now at the age of forty I
      have become a spiritual Father of four hundred sweet spiritual
      orphans. What a divine compensation! What an incredible bargain!"


      Like that, you flunked out of Bluebirds; but a few years later you got
      a Guru who drew thousands and millions of blue birds!

      Earlier I was listening to Sri Chinmoy's song "The Bluebird" performed
      by Shindhu; also Ananda singing "Sundara Hate" (great version!); and
      Guru singing "Aj Agamanir Abahane" (a traditional song of India) a
      cappella. That is one of his best short vocal performances, I think.
      His voice fills the hall beautifully.

      (What music I am listening to at any given moment is a big part of my
      life, so according to my quirky inner logic, it makes sense that I
      would divulge this in reply to your post about minor ailments.)

      I've been consuming mass quantities of Sri Chinmoy's music in various
      forms. I looped Purnakama's "6 Songs For Christmas" in preparation for
      possibly joining her thread about singing. Later, I listened to The
      Blessingful Descent of Mother Saraswati, with its 38-minute piano
      piece. Amazing! Then the organ recital from Reykjavik, March 2003.
      That has got to be one of Sri Chinmoy's all time great avant-garde
      performances, with the pipe organ augmented by chimes and a bird
      whistle. Listening to it, I was thinking: "Oh God, I love this man so

      And on that note, I will leave you all...


      *A phrase like "My head hurt so bad I started writing like Hildegard
      von Bingen" will not arouse much sympathy.

      **Not to be confused with the German compulsive gambler, Hildegard von

      --- In Sri_Chinmoy_Inspiration@yahoogroups.com, sumangali_m
      <no_reply@...> wrote:
      > In your message #21566 you kindly referred to my post #21515 as
      > "golden" and "moving". That surprised me, as I was in the middle of a
      > migraine when I wrote it. Usually I would curl up like a wounded dog
      > at a such a time, but I decided to exercise a little
      > self-transcendence, as it encroached on my only window of
      > writing-opportunity during that week.
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