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21920Ashrita's largest pencil at the St. Louis City Museum

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  • kedarvideo
    Jan 31, 2008
      Press and tv including CNN reported on the move of the world's largest
      pencil from Queens, New York, to the St. Louis City Museum. Ashrita
      Furman, who presented the pencil as a birthday gift to his meditation
      teacher Sri Chinmoy on August 27, 2007, escorted the 76 foot long
      pencil to its new home at the City Museum in St. Louis on Monday.
      Ashrita cut the pencil in two for the trip. It was shipped on a
      flatbed truck. Artists plan to weather-proof the pencil and then add
      it to City Museum creative director Bob Cassilly's outdoor MonstroCity
      art installation. As Ashrita stated in the local newspaper St. Louis
      Post, "Meditation has given me the inner strength to do these
      improbable things. True, a lot of what I do is crazy, but it gives me
      a chance to spread the message of meditation". Ashrita holds the World
      Record of holding the most World Records. As mentioned in the Museum's
      Blog, he took the opportunity of visiting the St. Louis City Museum to
      break one more record, involving duct tape and a City Museum wall.
      Ashrita made a duct-tape harness (which he constructed within 10
      minutes) and suspended himself from a glass wall in City Museum for a
      full minute, thus breaking another World Record!

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