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21514Re: Running in the Cold (was: Winter and Christmas carols)

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  • cott_doris
    Dec 16, 2007
      Dear Arpan and Michael,

      You inspired me to revisit the gallery of the 3100 mile race. There
      are also two videos by Utpal.

      I was so moved again by merely hearing the runners saying their
      spiritual names. It was as the soul would directly speak to us and it
      brought tears to my eyes.


      I was there twice for a few hours as a counter and as a spectator.
      Somehow I never got into outer contact with Subrabha. She was so
      focused on something inner. I am sure it is as Michael pointed out.
      She was in her heart which is all peace and ran and ran.

      I remember Guru also said that one of God's best qualities is his
      inner poise. Inner poise would solve all our problems.


      In one of the interviews she seems to say with a kind of
      *mischievous* tone in her voice, "Inspite of obstacles I am
      determined, nothing can hold me back." That is so inspiring. Subrabha
      is 50 years old. This fact really strikes me. She inspired and still
      inspires me not to give up (not having been running for about 7
      months due to health problems) and to believe in my own strength and
      to keep the hope that I will be running again in the future because I
      also love running.

      There are also many beautiful pictures of her finish the race at the
      race gallery. They are so moving.


      With deepest gratitude


      P.S. Arpan, I am also touched about the other runners' modesty. All
      of them interviewed didn't know how many miles they had been running
      so far. They are all humbly running with their hearts carrying Guru
      inside. I think it is not possible to run this race otherwise.

      --- In Sri_Chinmoy_Inspiration@yahoogroups.com, assistantmummer
      <no_reply@...> wrote:
      > Dear Arpan,
      > Your story about Suprabha stayed with me. I think it helps to know
      > about her running style, physical form, and personality.
      > I do not know her, but in learning about Sri Chinmoy's philosophy of
      > sport, I came to read some articles and interviews, and see her
      > A few years back, Bhuvah wrote:
      > "In this era, women are in the vanguard of many activities that were
      > not available to them in former times, and the progress they have
      > in most arenas is remarkable. Sri Chinmoy has selflessly and
      > fostered and encouraged this process. ... In the world, it seems
      > men are releasing their hierarchies of power and dominance, and
      > room for feminine softness, love, wisdom and oneness, allowing
      > natural abilities of communication, listening, sharing and
      > to come to the fore."
      > http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Sri_Chinmoy_Inspiration/message/3084
      > Sri Chinmoy himself has said words to the effect that peace is solid
      > power.
      > http://www.srichinmoylibrary.com/sri-chinmoy-flame-
      > That is the essence of Suprabha's running style. She seems to get
      > her strength from peace. She enters into a place in her heart which
      > all peace, and then just runs, and runs, and runs, and runs from
      > place.
      > She is of modest height. So Arpan, you guys were probably a hobby
      > horse's head taller than her. And when you came along in a very
      > dynamic way, you rousted her!
      > Suprabha is the peaceful warrior of the ultra-distance world. She
      > competes only with herself; and she always wins! Thursday morning, I
      > was out for a brisk walk and even did some (mercifully) short
      > windsprints. I was concentrating on her, and got this poem:
      > Warrior
      > (for Suprabha Beckjord)
      > My Lord,
      > How I admire your book,
      > Warriors of the Inner World.
      > Please tell me:
      > How can I become such a warrior?
      > "My child, simple:
      > Just retire into your heart-cave."
      > Father,
      > If I retire into my heart-cave,
      > No one will ever hear of me.
      > "Child,
      > The length and breadth
      > Of the entire world will hear of you
      > Because,
      > You will run the length and breadth
      > Of the entire world."
      > * * *
      > Michael
      > P.S. Sorry to hear about Ted Corbitt. Right now I'm looking at a
      > picture of him with Sri Chinmoy taken in 1978. Just two months ago,
      > October 13, Ted offered a tribute to Sri Chinmoy:
      > http://www.srichinmoybio.co.uk/news/tributes/selected-comments-iv/
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