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21488Re: Running in the Cold (was: Winter and Christmas carols)

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  • bluebirds727
    Dec 13, 2007
      This is a wonderful story Smarana. How I hope more will be coming
      from you and our other intrepid runners (as Sahishnu often referred to
      all of you long distance runners).

      --- In Sri_Chinmoy_Inspiration@yahoogroups.com, smarana31
      <no_reply@...> wrote:
      > Thank you Arpan for your inspiring article!
      > You inspired us in your article to write running experiences with Guru.
      > Well I can not brag of having been around Guru for over 30 years and
      > so I have to rely on the time, when Guru was getting joy from watching
      > his students running.
      > Well, I want to share two experiences that I had with Guru in the
      > ultra running "world".
      > 1994 I entered the multi day arena, with practically no experience.
      > I felt an inner urge to go for it, also I had my doubts in the
      > So I was there, on Wards Island running my loops and trying to cope
      > with the distance and pressure of finishing 700 miles.
      > So, I was really pushing myself, with iron self discipline without any
      > excuses.
      > One night Guru was coming unusually late.
      > There was this cute little blue house, nicely decorated and the light
      > was on.
      > I was basically crawling by that time, but I had not done my minimum,
      > before taking a sleeping brake. So, I went there with the expectation
      > of getting an extra boost, as it usually happend. So, after having
      > taken the Prasad, I started running again. After half a lap, I got so
      > tired, that I had to fight to my tent and take some sleep.
      > So, Guru saw my exhaust and sent me to bed.
      > My next multi day race, the first 10 day race, I got a total opposite
      > experience.
      > After Guru had driven around the race course, I could see a yellow
      > light around my whole body, and the light would get brighter and
      > bigger when my consciousness would be calm and would get smaller, when
      > I got a little agitated. Having this light around me I could run any
      > speed I would like to, with the inner confidence, not to get any
      > injury. It was like an inexhaustible resource of energy, light and joy.
      > So, my first race Guru set me to sleep and my second race he carried
      > my around.
      > Runners are Smilers
      > Smarana
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