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21419an unamed Guru Re: Books By Disciples of Spiritual Masters

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  • beverly_canada
    Dec 7, 2007
      Returning from New York on the Tuesday after Sri Chinmoy's
      mahasamadhi, I was diverted to a bookshop in JFK airport by what
      appeared to be a blocked route to my gate. I looked at covers. On
      the back of one book was something like (from memory), "That which
      breaks your heart has the capacity to heal it".

      The title of another book caught my attention, "Eat, Pray, Love", by
      Elizabeth Gilbert. I browsed in it a bit, then replaced it on the
      shelf above my head. Emotionally overwhelmed, I did not yet feel
      ready to read anything to do with overt spirituality. Perhaps I
      wasn't careful enough. The book fell to the floor. I bought it,
      along with gifts for those waiting at home.

      In the introduction the author emphasizes that she writes about
      her experiences from her own viewpoint and that she does not speak for
      her Guru. For this reason, her Guru's name is not given in the book.
      Overtly. A description, "compassion's very heartbeat", brings a smile.

      The comment by Sri Chinmoy on a quotation from Emerson might be apt:

      "Fortunately, the disciples of all Masters have the same universal
      experience." - Sri Chinmoy


      Love, Beverly
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