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21389Re: Books By Disciples of Spiritual Masters

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  • arpan_deangelo
    Dec 4, 2007
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      I think many people would agree with you and many have expressed the
      same idea about close disciples writing about their Guru. In the outer
      world there were many different levels of 'closeness' with Guru, and all of those outer stories would be quite interesting, inspiring and
      entertaining at times.

      But inwardly we all had and have Guru close to us in one way or another on very spiritual and personal levels. Those experiences are also quite interesting and inspiring material for a book. I am sure much of that has not been shared here, but in a book it would be quite appropriate.

      Some outer experiences with our Guru have been shared by some of us and there are some small booklets out already by people like Pradhan, Databir, Jagatarini, and others. Perhaps if you approach people
      individually and privately you could inspire them to record their
      experiences and from there the material from a book would be available.

      Over the years I have contributed to this site some of my experiences
      with Guru, especially in the world of running. I can easily collect them as they are already recorded, at least some of them. The difficult part for some people is to get them all together and into printed form. May I suggest just recording people telling their stories into a recorder and having material to transcribe? This is more work in the long run but it makes it more likely to get many more stories that way. Eventually, when others have the time and inspiration they can transcribe and organize the material.


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