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21385Re: Books By Disciples of Spiritual Masters

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  • vasanti_hd
    Dec 3, 2007
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      Hello Tejvan,

      I agree with you 100% and I have read a number of the books you
      mentioned myself. Paul Brunton was one of the first ones right when I
      started meditating. Later I was deeply impressed and inspired by the
      Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna. Before I got into practical meditation I
      very much loved the stories about Zen-masters, less devotional, but
      to the point, and laster I always had the feeling Guru had something
      of a Zen master about him, his teaching could be very "straight", not
      explaining, but making aware.

      I am sure you know Madhuri's book about Guru, which offered so much
      understanding of Guru's early years in the West and seemed to bring
      them to life so vividly. Probably not everyone has the capacity to
      express inner realities (or even be aware of them enough to write
      about them), but there must be lots of talent in the Centre that
      maybe has not come to the fore yet - and lots that is already
      shining. I remember when Guru one time asked for a drawing competition regarding a special song or poem about his life. We had contributions from people who we had no idea were so gifted in drawing!

      So maybe this is a great suggestion to also spread off board to all
      those concerned who might not be reading here. I am thinking for
      example of Pradhan, Chidananda or Anjali etc. who have shared so
      eloquently in many other ways. Sometimes a personal invitation may
      even be helpful or to start off with a short interview - I am just
      musing, trying to figure out the possible "gospel-writers".

      As you said, also simple, individual reminiscences or stories on
      certain subjects or aspects of our life with Guru are great (like
      the "miracle or compassion stories"), without the intention of
      writing a whole book, like a collection of "glimpses of my life with
      Sri Chinmoy" or "what Sri Chinmoy meant/means to me" or "how I found
      my teacher" (something of this kind may be in the works). But they
      should be whole stories in themselves, not embedded in other musings
      like on this site...

      Most definitely the best time to start is now, when our memories are
      still as fresh as possible and when re-living those memories will help us appreciate even more deeply what we have been blessed to
      experience - and lift us up at the same time.

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