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21376Re: Books By Disciples of Spiritual Masters

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  • smarana31
    Dec 3 3:04 PM
      Hi Tejvan!

      Thank you for your post! I have written down a few titles, to add some
      books to my collections. It is really very inspiring to read stories from disciples about their master and it would be additionally inspiring if it were about our Guru.

      Anyway there is one book, from a disciple about his life and how it
      changed due to Guru's influence. Gunagriha wrote the book "Three times born" (I do not know if this is the English title, at least a translation of the German one).

      It describes his life starting from his "first life" in Romania, his experiences there and fleeing to Austria. His "second life", deals with becoming a dentist in Austria and learning hypnosis and... until he finds Guru's book in a book store and realising that this man on that cover picture has no problems. His "third life" starts with a meditating on that picture and getting a cosmic experience, with many stories to follow. He writes in a humorous and entertaining way and it is definitely fanning the inner fire.

      It is definitely translated but I have never seen it in New York.
      Guru also approved of this book. So, if you are looking for a special book here you go.

      Good night from Austria

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