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21341God's Patience-Love-Light

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  • cott_doris
    Nov 30, 2007
      "I thought I loved You, my Lord.
      But now that I am allowing myself
      To see, I see that I am still running
      Away from You.
      I see that I am shyness incarnate.

      What kind of love is it, my Lord?
      I see that I am still
      Playing the old game of hiding.

      Like this bird -
      Burying it's head in the ground,

      Like the fish in the glass-bowl
      Swimming up and down
      Pretending to be invisible.

      Like the child in the play-ground
      Ignoring the Father Supreme
      Watching over it.

      What kind of love is it, my Lord?
      Please, tell me."

      "No my child,
      Every day you are daring a new attempt
      Of loving Me infinitely more than you
      Love me now.
      And something else:
      My patience-Love-Light
      Lasts for all Eternity."

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