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  • rie_anke
    Nov 2, 2007
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      Thanks Suren for starting the topic "Oneness"

      Something that impressed me most during my stay in New York
      after the 11th October 07 was the love and oneness that was
      suddenly so powerful amongst the disciples and well wishers
      of Sri Chinmoy.

      Sharing the pain of losing our Guru, people were patting each
      others shoulders, hugging each other just to lessen the pain
      or reassuring the other person that we are sharing the loss.
      It was so impressive to experience it. People would help each
      other to their seats, make room for everyone, show their joy
      when a new face entered Aspiration Ground to join the

      Also the atmosphere at Aspiration Ground was extremely,
      extremely unique. Especially during the days when we could
      still go and see Sri Chinmoy for a last darshan and people
      would stay in line waiting, praying. There was a peace and
      tranquillity, a sacredness I seldom experienced during the
      vivid functions we had with Guru. Nobody was talking,
      everybody tried to be in his highest consciousness, everybody
      was trying to have the best meditation he could have. It is a
      pity we could not easily create this atmosphere amongst us,
      when Guru was still in his body but it is a grace we can
      experience it now. I hope, we will remember it when we meet
      in the future. This atmosphere was so full of Sri Chinmoy's
      presence, spirit, light, love, oneness...

      I also liked the way I saw disciples associating with friends
      of Sri Chinmoy. It was a feeling of greeting some distant
      relatives we did not see for a long time. We could feel our
      common love for Guru - even so some people are no longer
      members of the centre they still love Sri Chinmoy. There was
      oneness, and it felt good for me as a disciple to know that
      there is a wide web of friends in the world, that may not be
      members of the centre but still value Sri Chinmoy and what he
      means to us and the world.

      Thank you to all friends who found their way to New York
      outwardly or inwardly to say good bye to Sri Chinmoy. I think
      it meant a lot to us disciples.

      Now Sri Chinmoy continues living also in each one of us who
      is meditating and trying to put his teachings into practice.

      Each brother and sister disciple is a part of Sri Chinmoy`s
      body - and we will now form the "outer body" of what is Sri
      Chinmoy`s spirit.

      I hope we will make our oneness stronger and stronger since
      this will help the future manifestation of our mission. And I
      personally are very grateful that I have a few thousand
      sister and brother disciples who share the same aspiration
      for realisation and manifestation and I hope we will inspire
      each other in millions of ways.

      Thanks to everyone who shares the oneness,

      in Guru`s ever living spirit

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