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20863What happens behind the Curtain of Eternity?

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  • vasanti_hd
    Oct 28, 2007
      Last nigth at our international gathering near Heidelberg
      (not quite a Joy Day this time although with lots of smiling
      faces and a very special feeling of peace and oneness like in
      New York during the memorial week) we watched a very special
      TV-interview that Guru offered thanks to Amritananda many
      years ago about "What happens behind the Curtain of Eternity"
      and Guru's answers - often given with eyes wide open -
      produced quite a few smiles and chuckles. (While Projjwal's
      beautiful retrospective slide show of moments with Guru
      shortly afterwards produced lots of handkerchief-noises).

      Here is the link - sorry I don't know how to change it into a short

      Guru about being caught between absence and presence:

      O Lord, Thy absence has measureless power.
      Pangs of bitter failures rage through my mind.
      Hot knives stab through my heart with every breath.
      I know, I know, I am the eternal blind.

      O Lord, Thy Presence has fathomless power.
      Who says my soul is limp with black despair?
      Eternity sits at my feet like a slave,
      And Death, a weeping child-helpless, bare.

      Excerpt from My Flute by Sri Chinmoy

      In oneness