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20641Let's Imagine the Future

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  • do_slava
    Oct 5, 2007
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      Really, why not?

      To some, it's an exercise in futility; to others, it's a way to make
      this world a better place.

      If horror stories and blood-shedding movies have the capacity to make
      people fearful and violent in real life, why wouldn't fictionary
      stories about a more inspiring tomorrow influence the collective
      consiousness as well -- for the better.

      Maybe in the confusion of today's world you have noticed certain
      events or trends that may be defining a more illumined world of

      Or maybe you believe that over time, thanks to technological
      advances, material needs will be fully provided for by the government
      as a public good, at no cost to its citizens. As a result, people
      will turn their gaze inward.

      Or maybe the intelligent extra terrestrial life forms will open their
      eyes to the fact that planet Earth is the only place where self-
      realization is possible. This will inevitably drive them to visit
      Earth, not in an effort to subdue it, but to experience the thrill of
      an inter-gallactical journey to a sacred destination in their cosmic

      If the topic strikes a cord within you, you may want to share a
      vision of tomorrow as a fiction story, a mere glimpse or idea, or
      simply as an observation about how current trends are already shaping
      the future.

      Who knows, maybe the energy and imagination all of us put into this
      effort could be the last drop needed to tip the universal balance in
      favour of a better outcome in the future.

      You may share your contributions here, on the Inspiration-Group, or,
      maybe even propose and contribute to a yet-to-be-born Inspiration
      Letters issue on the theme of the future.

      Thank you.


      All poems are by Sri Chinmoy:

      The power of imagination
      Is unimaginable.

      Imagination has power.
      Imagination is power.
      Therefore, be sure to have
      A good and elevating imagination.

      Is birthless and deathless.
      Its power
      Is inexhaustible.

      Imagination needs exercise
      Before it becomes
      A true reality.

      Imagination plays with
      Infinity's Beauty
      Immortality's Fragrance.

      Mr. William Davidson: How can our imagination be used to help raise
      our consciousness or improve our meditation?

      Sri Chinmoy: First of all, we have to know that imagination is not
      mental hallucination. If we take imagination as something
      unproductive, as something that has nothing to do with reality, then
      imagination will never be reality. If we think that imagination is
      the South Pole and reality is the North Pole, then it is all useless.
      We have to take imagination as a reality in another world, in an
      inner world or a higher world. And that world we have to bring into
      the world of reality that we are now living in. Imagination is a
      world of reality which is waiting for revelation and manifestation
      here in this outer world, which we know as reality [...]
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