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20639Re: OT: Good Shopping Options in Amsterdam

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  • abhinabha
    Oct 5, 2007
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      You're supplying me with great ideas, Doris. Unfortunately I have no
      belongings at all, so there's nothing much to sell. Maybe I can
      smuggle myself into the Bijenkorf and put me on a shelf with a small
      label "Freelance writer - €19,99". Nah, that's cheap.

      But on a more serious note, this is great material for a story. We
      have a magazine here in Holland called 'Ode'. It's a magazine for
      "intelligent optimists" as it says on the cover and it's all about
      people helping the world and the environment with new, unusual and
      innovative ideas. I've been dying to write for them and this story
      sounds just like something for them. Could you possibly give me some
      more details about these artists and their project? Is there anything
      to be found on internet about it?

      If you give me the golden lead, I may forgive all your "liars have
      short legs" jokes ;-) (inside joke - see previous posts for details)


      --- In Sri_Chinmoy_Inspiration@yahoogroups.com, cott_doris
      <no_reply@...> wrote:
      > Someone wanted to get rid of his pepper mill but didn't want to
      > produce any garbage. He placed a price label on it and smuggled it
      > into a not-so-cheap shopping centre in Zürich. The advantage: A
      > customer gets a cheap pepper mill, the shop owner get's money without
      > buying the product,the state receives taxes.
      > The idea comes right from Holland. Some artists in Amsterdam smuggled
      > 207 products that they had found in the garbage into a shop. Before
      > they had copied some price labels put them on the products and
      > secretely left them in the shelves of the famous luxury shopping
      > centre "Bijenkorf". After a short time some of the products were
      > sold. The bosses of the shop are embarrassed because they had not
      > been able to differenciate the smuggled products from their own
      > products. (not everything was sold until they got informed by the
      > artists.)
      > The artists aim was to show what effect a good presentation can have
      > and are protesting against the short life span of products nowadays.
      > P.S. In case Abhinabha who is now a budding freelance writer is in
      > financial trouble he may find a way to meet his expenses by selling
      > his belongings in a clever way (possibly only a "second hand" option?
      > Dutch's are creative people, aren't they? Now it has become very
      > clear why he wants to move to Amsterdam :-)
      > Doris
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