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  • suchana27
    Oct 2 7:09 PM
      Dear Doris,

      Thank you for your kind greetings and Guru´s poem.

      We had a happiest and soulful anniversary celebration last
      weekend. I also picked up the ´Avatar´ word from your poem
      and shared some more poems I received from our Puerto Rican´s
      performers in August Celebrations.

      I was so happy to learn more about Avatars for the first time
      in such short poems. This is our Guru´s unique talent -
      highest realms coming easily down to our eyes and hearts.

      You may like to know them. Here they are:

      An Avatar is he
      To whom God Himself tells
      The world-illumining secrets.

      An Avatar is he
      Who receives from God Himself
      God´s own Dreams
      For God´s full manifestation
      Here on earth.

      An Avatar is he
      Who gladly stoops beneath
      The weight of world-sorrows.

      An Avatar is he
      Who lovingly and faithfully
      Brings the longing of man
      To the Absolute Supreme.

      Every Avatar
      Is a new

      by Sri Chinmoy
      [some of this poems are available from

      Happy Days!
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