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  • abhinabha
    Sep 30 12:43 PM
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      Hello everyone,

      I just wanted to share something good and inspiring that
      happened to me in the past few months. I changed jobs. I have
      been working in a health food store for the past 3.5 years,
      but this summer I received the inspiration to venture into a
      different career - that of a freelance journalist.

      About a year ago I wrote an article about Sri Chinmoy's
      weightlifting for a fitness magazine, which got published. It
      gave me tremendous joy. In June I stumbled upon a website
      (http://www.absolutewrite.com) which specialises in tips and
      hints for budding writers who want to make a living out of
      their craft. At about the same time I watched the documentary
      The Secret, which gave me the inspiration to dive into the
      unknown and try my luck as a freelance journalist.

      I started calling magazines to pitch some ideas, which were
      initially politely rejected. Then after coming back from the
      August celebrations and spending time with Sri Chinmoy, I
      picked up where I left off earlier. This time it was as if
      the doors were suddenly thrown open wide. Almost every call I
      made landed me an assignment! I wrote for a popular science
      magazine, a running magazine, a horse magazine, the same
      fitness magazine and an airplane magazine. Two of those
      stories involved Sri Chinmoy's weightlifting and the article
      for the running magazine featured the 3100 mile race, which
      is organized by the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team.

      I had the luck (or rather, 'Grace') that I came in contact
      with a freelance journalist whose work I admired. I asked him
      a few questions to help me get started and sent him the
      article I wrote earlier about Sri Chinmoy. He liked it. It
      turned out he was just changing from magazines to writing for
      television. As it happened, he recommended me to his editors
      and I was able to take over his place at a magazine he was
      writing for. He is offering me the same deal for a few other
      magazines as well. Talk about cosmic timing! (definitely not
      my doing...)

      I've almost made the step to being a full-time journalist. It
      is giving me boundless joy and I am sincerely grateful to Sri
      Chinmoy's inner inspiration and encouragement, which I have
      felt tangibly in entering into this new adventure. I'm also
      planning to move back to Amsterdam, which is the city of my
      heart and soul; it feels like the right thing to do.

      It's amazing for me to see that once you are following the
      voice of your soul, everything is so perfectly arranged. It's
      just a matter of surrendering to the flow, moving with the
      waves and finding yourself washed up on a beautiful shore...

      Following dreams can be a risky and uncertain business, but I
      highly recommend it.

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