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20326Tour de France joy bliss delight

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  • rathin31
    Jul 30, 2007
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      It may have escaped the attention of some that a bicycle race of some
      distinction has just concluded in France. And an Australian cyclist
      for the first time ever, has finished second! Yes, Cadel Evans
      finished a mere 23 seconds behind Tour de France winner Alberto Contador.

      In another athletics event, Grahak Cunningham of Australia is
      currently in sixth place in the Self-Transcendence 3100 Mile Race. He
      is due to finish in less than a week. In the process, he is stripping
      me of all my Australian distance records, which I set in a previous
      edition of the race. All I have left is the Australian 5000 km record,
      and that, too, will soon belong to Grahak (I always knew my records
      wouldn't last!)

      But I am in full agreement with the great marathon runner, Bill Rogers
      who famously said: "My record will go, and that will be good. I like
      to see records broken, even if they are my own. That is what running
      is all about."