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20271Re: How to print Inspiration-Letters

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  • johnji_nz
    Jul 17, 2007
      Hi Sharani,

      By all means tease away—I'm sure I'm a big target!

      I'm afraid I didn't have anything worthy to contribute to this issue
      of Inspiration-News. Hopefully however the muse of inspiration will
      return in time for the next issue.

      Until that date, I do have a story on my Centre homepage with a
      related theme that you may not have yet seen, a story about
      discovering meditation—surely the greatest miracle of all:

      Hopefully you weren't too miserly to print out your own contribution
      to Inspiration-Letters, which is more than worthy of being held in
      hand, read in actual print.

      And congratulations to all the other contributors for producing such a
      fine issue.

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