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20266Re: How to print Inspiration-Letters

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  • sharani_sharani
    Jul 16 4:52 PM
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      Hi John,
      Since I have a Mac, I was able to use your instructions to print out
      some of the latest issue which looks as wonderful as Mahiruha
      suggested. I saw the PDF choice in the print dialogue drop down box
      and when I clicked on it all I could figure to do was to save it as a
      PDF to the desktop and then open that and print. To do pdf and print
      from the print dialogue box as pdf didn't seem to work. Probably I did
      what you meant though. I also chose Firefox as you suggested. While
      I'm feeling too miserly at the moment to print all 26 pages, at least
      I now have an easier way to print whatever sections of it I might want
      a hard copy of. So thanks for taking the time to describe how to print
      it from a Mac. Now where was your miracle article? Can I rightfully
      tease you about not giving one this time? I dare not since I sometimes
      find my own writing muse has gone on holiday.

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